Tips for a GREAT Studio Headshot…

For Women:


The focus is on professionalism from the shoulders on up, so...

  • Solid, bold colors with simple necklines work best.
  • Avoid patterns, loose fitting and wrinkled clothing.



Less is good but none is best. Small studs are ok but people need to see your face no matter how small the thumbnails get. Hoops, necklaces and other sparkly things distract and interfere with that.

"A woman of your beauty has no need for such...decorations."

- Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (1991)



It’s best to arrive ready to rock. A fresh natural look is always a great choice but err on the side of boring at first since it's easier to add more than take away as the shoot progresses.

If you don't normally wear any makeup, just use a facial moisturizer to avoid a dry skin situation.


  • use liquid foundation instead of powder
  • go easy on the blush
  • define your eyes, but naturally so with soft, blended eyeliner
  • use a neutral color eyeshadow
  • blend, blend, blend ... then blend some more


  • use visible hard-edge lip liner
  • use hard-edge liquid eyeliner or 'cat eyes'
  • make harsh lines or heavy smoked-out eyeshadow
  • wear false eyelashes or clumpy mascara
  • pencil in eyebrows with a harsh line
  • use too much blush or dramatic lip color
  • make tonality differences between areas with and without makeup
  • use glitter or look “dewy”



Lips are so important they get their own section:

  • Use glossy lip color. Matte makes them flat. Gloss is boss!
  • Go no more than one shade darker than your natural lip color.
  • Start moisturizing a few days beforehand. Dry, chapped lips do not retouch well. You’ve been warned.



Hairstyles are extremely personal and only you know how you like to wear it best.

  • Clean & dry it the way you normally wear it on a good hair day.
  • If you need a haircut or color touch-up, do so 2-3 days before your session.
  • If you have long straight hair, bring a scrunchy & a brush or comb.
  • If your hair is curly, bring some hairspray.
  • Pluck or trim any hair that doesn’t belong, especially around the nose & mouth. 


For Men:


The focus is on professionalism from the shoulders on up, so a shirt & jacket combo(s) that fit well, particularly around the neck, are paramount. Bear in mind…

  • A better fit trumps preferred style.
  • Check the mirror! Look for skin folding over the collar when you turn your head. If it does, choose a shirt with a bigger collar.
  • Choose solid colors, iron everything (especially the collars) and avoid loud patterns, lumpy, baggy and/or loose clothing. If that means you have to change after you arrive, so be it.
  • If you choose to wear a tie, use a Windsor knot and center it perfectly with no gap between it and the top button.
  • If your normal work attire is jeans and a tee, just iron out the wrinkles and you'll be good to go.


Hair (and other stuff)

Guys, we know we are simple creatures, so simply put:

  • Style your hair and shave like it’s your wedding day.
  • If you can hit the barbershop, do it as close to the shoot as you can, but don’t let them touch your eyebrows (unless it’s a dire situation).
  • Tame all nostril and ear shenanigans.
  • Use Chapstick the day before and day of the shoot.


If you are Non-Binary:

Just be you and own it. Pick and choose from any or all the tips above as you see fit and we will rock it from there.



  • Consciously hydrate yourselves the day before and the day of the shoot. 
  • Do not go near a tanning bed or spray tan within a week of the shoot.
  • The night before, get a good night’s sleep and please save any heavy alcohol use for after the shoot.  
  • If you wear both glasses and contacts, choose the latter.
  • (If you want a shot with prescription glasses, bring all you own because some work better than others under bright lights).



Q: You've got a really expensive camera and bright lights, so why does it take so long to do a headshot?

This is NOT the DMV! 

In fact, the quality of the headshot has very little to do with all the fancy gear we'll be using.

Instead, it’s all about providing you a safe and welcoming environment that lets us work together to capture the moment when you're most confident, most approachable and looking your very best (and maybe even have a little fun while doing so). 

This process requires a team effort which I'll talk more about when you arrive. As you'll see, it cannot happen in the time it takes to walk in front of a camera, say cheese and click a shutter button.

Q: I woke up this morning with a giant pimple. Can we reschedule?

A: No. Nothing leaves my studio unretouched, so acne and anything else that does not belong, including plaque psoriasis and/or most other skin conditions will be gone. Rosacea is a slightly different story because some people want it reduced instead of removed and I can do either. Permanent scars and/or moles will remain, though tastefully muted (if desired).